Celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day With LA Animal Services By Adding A Furry Animal Friend to Your Family

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Celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day With LA Animal Services By Adding A Furry Animal Friend to Your Family

Los Angeles, April 30, 2020Today is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, and what better way to celebrate than bringing home a furry friend from LA Animal Services? National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day was created to raise awareness to help find homes for shelter animals across the country. Although our Animal Services Centers are open by appointment only due to COVID-19, you can still adopt or foster a pet today.

If you want to adopt, please follow these steps:
  • Visit laanimalservices.com/adopt and when you see a pet you want to adopt, call 888-452-7381 with the Animal ID number or A# number (example: A1234567), and we will share all of the information we have regarding the pet with you.
  • If you want to move forward with the paperwork to adopt this animal, we will obtain all information to complete the paperwork for adoption over the phone and schedule a pick-up appointment.
  • During the appointment, staff will be able to show you the selected animals. We have a directive to not have more than 10 people assembled at one time and that includes staff.
If you want to foster, here are the steps to follow:
  • Visit laanimalservices.com/adopt to see our animals and identify one to three animals you may want to foster, and get their Animal ID number or A# (example:A1234567)
  • Email the volunteer liaison at ani.volunteers@lacity.org with your completed foster application (if you have not fostered before) with the Animal ID number(s) of the pets you want to meet.
  • We will call you once your application is reviewed to schedule an appointment.
Since our Center operations were adjusted to align with the City’s response to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in March, we placed 2,232 animals out of our shelters and into foster homes, homes of their own, with rescue partners, and reunited pets with their owners.
Sharing Happy Adoption Tails and Fun Foster Stories
Simba was being fostered through our Harbor Center when he caught this family’s attention.
The family scheduled a meet and greet, fell in love, and adopted him!
View the post about Simba here:


Leanna, who has been with LA Animal Services for over a year, has been adopted after being in foster care for two days!
Leanna’s new mom says Leanna is such a good girl, and will be joining her in med school!


Panchito’s family only intended on fostering Panchito, but fell in love with him.
Panchito is an example of a “foster fail” and has officially been adopted! See Panchito’s story:  






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