Coyote Alert!
Living safely with the Wildlife that share our City

Coyotes are wild animals and can pose a risk to people and pets. The goal of Los Angeles Animal Services is to educate the public by fostering a relationship of mutual respect between wildlife and the community so we can live together safely.

Brochure about Coyotes

Killing is not the solution. If you reduce the population, those left have a better food source and produce larger and stronger litters. If there is a particularly aggressive coyote in your neighborhood, you can call CA Fish & Wildlife.

Safety Tips:

  • Small animals and children should not be left outside unattended if there are coyotes in your area. Never leave small children and pets unattended outdoors even if your yard is fenced.
  • Trash cans should be secure so wildlife is not invited to feed from them.
  • Remove pet food dishes when your pet has finished eating and do not leave food outside. Pick ripe fruit and clean rotten produce off the ground.
  • Walk your dog on a leash at all times, not only is it the law, but it will keep your pet safe. Do not allow your dog to interact or “play” with a coyote.
  • Clear brush from under trees and around your home.
  • Special coyote fencing is available and can be found online.
  • If you see coyotes, make loud noises and scare them away: bang pots and pans, use a whistle, etc. BUT, they are smart and you cannot keeping making the same noise and expect the coyotes to fall for the same trick over and over.
  • When you are walking your dog in areas known to have coyotes, you can carry a loud whistle of even an umbrella that you can open and close rapidly to scare them away. Unlike the approach with an aggressive dog, you can raise your arms above your head and stomp your feet while shouting at the coyote to scare them away.
  • Put all trash bags inside trashcans and keep all outdoor trashcan lids securely fastened on the containers. Ammonia or pepper sprinkled in the trash may also discourage a scavenging coyote.
  • Keep your property well lit at night especially when you go out with your dog for the last potty break before bed. Bring cats and dogs inside at night.
  • Trim hedges and keep any underbrush cleaned out from around your yard so the coyotes do not have a hiding place.
  • Close off crawl spaces under porches, decks and sheds. Coyotes use such areas for resting and raising young.
  • Feeding wildlife is illegal! Do not approach or feed wild animals, including coyotes. It is unsafe and a violation of the law.

  • LA Animal Services holds regular wildlife seminars in our LA Animal Services Care Centers so the public can come and learn more about how they can coexist with wildlife: Wildlife Workshop Schedule

    The City of Los Angeles does not trap coyotes unless they are injured. It’s illegal to trap and relocate wildlife (California Code of Regulations, Title 14, § 465.5) and the Department will not kill or hunt coyotes. CA Fish & Wildlife has jurisdiction over wildlife. If there is a particularly aggressive coyote in your area, CA Fish & Wildlife has the equipment to safely remove that animal. Please report a wildlife incident with CA Fish & Wildlife directly:

    The Los Angeles Animal Services Department has a Wildlife Expert and several very knowledgeable speakers. You can arrange for them to attend Neighborhood Council or other neighborhood meetings to talk about wildlife and to answer questions about wildlife. Call your local shelter and ask to speak to the Animal Control Officer in charge to coordinate.