General Manager Brenda Barnette

Dog licenses are required in Los Angeles and for good reason. They show that a dog has been vaccinated for rabies. So, I am writing to ask you to take another important leadership role in our City that will help animals and people. Make sure you are setting a great example for your friends, family and neighbors by having your dog(s) licensed, sterilized and vaccinated against rabies.

Dogs in our City are required to be licensed and spayed or neutered, unless they meet certain exemptions, and to have a current rabies vaccination. We know that people who invest in their pets by following these simple laws take better care of their dogs, keep them in their yards or homes and enjoy them more.

Also, if your furry family member accidentally gets out and is wearing a City dog tag, our Animal Control Officers will be able to get your animal home to you quickly.

We’ve made licensing or renewing your license much easier. You can get your dog (or horse) license online by going to

Learn more about the benefits of licensing at:

Please help spread the word. The Department’s canvassers and officers will be out in the neighborhoods knocking on doors and asking if the resident’s dog(s) are licensed. Help your friends and family avoid unnecessary fines and remind them to license their best canine buddy today!

New York Film Academy (NYFA) Community Outreach and NYFA’s Photography department recently collaborated with Los Angeles Animal Services to help get some of their animals adopted into homes.

LA Animal Services provides care to found or surrendered pets by housing them in one of six city shelters located throughout the city. The organization has a fleet of volunteers that work with the animals on a daily basis to help get them adopted and into caring homes. One of the most useful tools for adoption is good photographs of the pets, so those interested in adopting can see the animals online. LA Animal Services intakes nearly 164,000 animals a year and any help they can get supporting their outreach and adoption possibilities is important.

NYFA’s Photography department brought 16 Photography students to the East Valley Animal Shelter on June 20th and set up several backdrops and lights to capture adorable images of the most underlooked dogs, cats, and bunnies at the shelter. The students had the opportunity to work with the animals and their handlers and produced beautifully lit images.

NYFA students and everyone involved had a very positive experience working with LA Animal Services. This semester, a new group of NYFA students and alumni have signed up to donate their time to produce short Public Service Announcements (PSAs) about pet adoption and care with LA Animal Services.

The New York Film Academy spoke in further detail with, Brenda F. Barnette, the General Manager for LA Animal Services:

New York Film Academy (NYFA): What are the primary services that LA Animal Services provides? Why are these services important?

Brenda F. Barnette (BB): We provide shelter to lost animals until we are able to reunite them with their owners and help stray pets find their new homes. We offer free spay/neuter services to low-income LA City residents and discount coupons to any City resident for three dogs, three cats, and three bunnies per household. Additionally, the community can visit their nearest shelter location to adopt, foster, and license and microchip their pet.

NYFA: What are some misconceptions that people may have about pet adoption? Why is it important to make people aware of the issues affecting animals?

BB: A common misconception is that all shelter animals are broken — and that’s far from the truth. At our LA Animal Services Centers, we have a variety of pets in all sizes, ages, and breeds, just waiting for us to find them a new home of their own. There are life circumstances that may put a pet owner in a position where they must re-home their animal because they have no other option. That pet was raised by a kind person, lived with a family, and knows to trust people. It’s then our job to transition that pet into a new home. Another common misconception is that animal shelter staff view their duties as only a job and do not care for animals. Our staff are extremely dedicated to the animals in our care and the people that we serve. They care compassionately, advocate actively, and work tirelessly to insure the best possible environment for all animals.

NYFA: How do you feel about the partnership between NYFA-Los Angeles Community Outreach and LA Animal Services? What are some of the benefits for the students as well as your organization?

BB: We are very excited to be partnering with NYFA-Los Angeles Community Outreach. This is a win-win for the animals, the department, and the students. This partnership helps us artistically communicate our mission to the community while providing the students lessons and opportunities to practice their art.

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