LA Animal Services Announces LA City Pets Lost and Found Facebook Group

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LA Animal Services Announces LA City Pets Lost and Found Facebook Group

New online resource will enable community to help reunite lost pets with their families.

Los Angeles, April 21, 2020LA Animal Services is proud to announce LA City Lost and Found Pets, a new online resource for LA City pet owners, which aims to help reunite lost pets with their owners. The new page, which can be accessed at, will be managed by LA Animal Services, and will feature daily posts from residents who have either lost or found a pet, as well as include updates on the pets that have been reunited with owners.

“When a pet becomes lost or goes missing from home is a traumatic experience for pet owners and families,” said Brenda Barnette, General Manager for LA Animal Services. “The goal of LA City Lost and Found Pets is to provide animal-loving Angelenos with an additional resource to help lost and found animals find their way home.”

By submitting a photo and description of the found or lost pet on LA City Lost and Found Pets, as well as,, or may also increase the reach of the message and improve the chances of families reuniting with their pet. 

In addition to posting on LA City Lost and Found Pets, LA Animal Services also suggests that individuals who find a lost pet, and who are able to do so, provide temporary home care for these lost or stray companion animals through our Shelter-at-Home program. Shelter-at-Home expands LA Animal Services’ foster program and increases community involvement in helping find animals’ owners, and enabling pets to be held in less stressful environments. To learn more about the Shelter-at-Home program, please visit

If you cannot provide temporary foster care, DO NOT LEAVE the dog or cat in an unsafe place. Please call 888-452-7381 right away and make arrangements to get them to the closest Animal Services Center.
In addition to going to LA City Lost and Found Pets to try and locate a lost or found pet, you may also visit if you have lost a pet or if you have found a stray pet.


Los Angeles Department of Animal Services is one of the largest municipal shelter systems in the United States with six services centers serving approximately 60,000 animals annually and responding to 20,000 emergency calls involving an animal or person in danger. LA Animal Services promotes and protects the health, safety, and welfare of animals and people. Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


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