LA Spay Day in May


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Sign up today with one of the participating veterinary hospitals and mobile spay/neuter clinics to schedule a spay or neuter appointment for your companion animal.

Need assistance for your pet? 

Free Spay and Neuter Services for Low-Income Angelenos

The Free Spay & Neuter Certificate Program is available to qualifying City of Los Angeles residents whose annual combined household income is below HUD’s Household Low Income limits. Each household is eligible for discounts for 3 dogs and 3 cats (or other species!)

Discount Spay and Neuter Services for All Angeleno Pets

The Discount Spay & Neuter Coupon is available for any LA City resident and reduces the cost towards a spay/neuter surgery at participating veterinary hospitals, spay/neuter clinics and mobile spay/neuter clinics.

Participating Vets and Clinics

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Why is spaying and neutering good for our pets? Our City?

Spaying and neutering are humane and life affirming means of ending euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets who are unable to find permanent homes. When you spay or neuter your pet, you’re helping to prevent unwanted pet births. There are also health and behavioral advantages to spaying (your female pet) or neutering (your male animal companion) that include:

Having achieved a 90.49 lifesaving rate in December 2020, Los Angeles is continuing to move towards being the most humane city in America by educating pet owners to be more responsible, making our streets safer, reducing the number of animals euthanized each year in our animal shelters, and allowing us to more effectively use our resources to keep pets and families together. The spay/neuter law holds accountable those pet owners whose irresponsibility threatens public safety and fills our animal shelters with unwanted dogs and cats.

On February 12, 2008, the City Council of Los Angeles approved the ordinance that requires all cats and dogs in the City to be spayed or neutered after the age of four months, with some specific exemptions allowed — making Los Angeles the national leader in efforts to humanely decrease the number of pets abandoned and euthanized each year.

Learn about LA’s spay and neuter ordinance

Frequently Asked Questions About Spay and Neuter

Q: What’s the difference between spay and neuter?

A: Spay is for female animals and neuter is for male animals

Q: What age do dogs need to be to be spayed or neutered in Los Angeles?

A: Applies to all dogs and cats over four months of age, unless exempted.

Q: Which of the following are reasons for an exemption for spay and neuter?

  •  Is a breed approved by and registered with a registry or association which, at a minimum, requires identification of the breed, date of birth, names of registered sire and dam, the name of breeder, and record-keeping relating to breeding, transfer of ownership and death, and does or will actively show or compete.
  • Has earned or is in the process of earning a special title (i.e. agility, herding).
  • Is used as or in training to be a guide, signal, or service dog.
  • Is a dog trained, or in training, for use in law enforcement, military or rescue activities.
  • Has a letter and documentation from a licensed veterinarian certifying that the animal should be temporarily or permanently deferred due to age or health.
  • Has a valid breeding permit issued to the owner pursuant to existing City ordinance. Additionally, all intact dogs must have an intact dog license from the City.

Spay It Forward

Donate to help spay or neuter an animal in need.

Double your impact! For a limited time, every donation to the Spay and Neuter Trust Fund will be matched, dollar for dollar up to $25K by the Annenberg Foundation. That means your gift can go TWICE as far to help animals in LA.

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