Playgroups at LA City Animal Shelters provide an opportunity for dogs of all sizes, breeds and types to get exercise and socialize while they wait for us to find them a home of their own. Dogs are social animals and pack animals. One of the best ways to provide enrichment in a shelter setting is to provide them the opportunity to have fun and interact with each other.

Additionally, staff and volunteers are able to learn more about a dog’s personality, which helps them answer potential adopters’ questions and find more homes for the dogs in our care. Playgroups ultimately increase the overall health and well-being of dogs and help save more lives!

Bound Angels University also includes dog playgroup training into their Bound Angeles University program that we have been hosting for shelter staff and volunteers across the United States at LA Animal Services. This program began in 2015 and was, in part, an offshoot of LA Animal Services playgroups.

Watch videos below of small and large dogs socializing with each other:

Large Dog Playgroup, South LA, Chesterfield Square Shelter – 6/10/17

Large Dog Playgroup, North Central Shelter – 4/25/17

Large Dog Playgroup, North Central Shelter – 2/26/17

Small Dog Playgroups

Large Dog Playgroups

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