These reports are updated every month and show Intake and Outcomes for various categories of animals over time, including the most recent month. The term “New Hope Placements” refers to animals placed with Animal Rescue Groups and Organizations. Differences between the intake and outcome totals for the same category of animals reflect animals taken in that are still in the system and animals outcome that were taken in prior to the reporting period.

The report for Dogs and the report for Cats includes all dogs or cats respectively. The Dog report includes pit bulls and puppies, and the Cat Report includes kittens. The sub-reports on pit bulls, puppies, and kittens are provided to highlight the needs of those portions of the Dog and Cat populations.

Monthly Stats

Note: Minor variances in data reports are normal and stabilize over time. Variances result from closing or correcting records after the first of the month. These minor variances do not affect the overall trends conveyed in the reports. Corrections include: updating incorrect or missing outcome types or dates, removing duplicate records, and correcting user input errors discovered in routine data audits conducted by shelter supervisors and administrative staff.

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