The Directors of Animal Welfare

“Assisting local councils and stakeholders in Los Angeles with animal issues”

Making Los Angeles a no-kill city is one of the most important issues for the Directors of Animal Welfare (DAWs) and the Department of Animal Services. DAWS

The Directors of Animal Welfare

What You and Your Neighborhood Council Can Do.

The DAWs are dedicated individuals who have been appointed (usually by a Neighborhood Council) to be the eyes and ears for the animals in their areas. They work with the local Neighborhood Council or City Council to tackle animal issues, to pass proposals and resolutions and to hold events, such as those related to adoptions and spay/neuter. The DAWs program serves as a vehicle to increase participation in every neighborhood.

As a DAW you will have the opportunity to:

Outreach and identify animal-related issues/needs and come up with creative solutions.

Make presentations at monthly Council meetings about progress and/or projects.
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Convey information via the Council newsletter and newspaper articles.

Come together with the DAWs from other Councils to create joint projects.
Put on one day events in which there are dog training, humane education, free or low cost spay/neuter services, and adoption referrals.

Place referral information on the Council website. (i.e. contact information for vets, animal hospitals, low cost spay/neuter clinics, animal services, rescue groups, etc.)

Becoming a DAW

If you are interested in joining the DAWs Program please feel free to contact the Director of Animal Welfare (DAW) for your area at

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Additional Information
If you require any additional information about the DAWs Program, please contact Charlotte Laws at
(818) 346-5280 or


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