I Lost a Pet


Here are some things we suggest to help you find your pet:

  1. Use our Animal Services Centers Lost Pet Search to see if your pet was found and turned in to one of our centers.
  2. Check the listings of dogs and cats found locally by members of the public:
      •  Dogs Found by the Public
      •  Cats Found by the Public
  3. Contact or visit the LA Animal Services Centers near where your animal might have been lost. It is a good idea to visit in person, since animals are not always recognizable in photos when scared or when dirty.
  4. Check with local veterinarians and animal hospitals in the area to see if your animal might have been injured and turned in to them
  5. Check all listings, searches, and centers daily
  6. Utilize your social media networks by posting photos and information about your lost pet, including details about when and where you last saw your pet.
  7. Post signs and flyers near where your pet might have been lost, using bold and simple headlines like “LOST DOG” or “MISSING CAT”
  8. Offer a reward for finding your pet
  9. Be patient. Sometimes, scared animals hide and it takes a while for them to show themselves to anyone.


It can happen. A door or gate can be left open and suddenly everyone is in a panic looking for your best friend who has disappeared.

Before your companion gets lost, license and microchip your pets, and update your contact information any time you move or change phone numbers.

The next step is to visit the Animal Services Center to redeem your animal. Be sure to check the hospital ward and isolation areas in addition to the regular kennel areas for your pet. In order to redeem your pet, you must present proof of ownership. Proof may include photos, vaccination records, or adoption certificates, among others. You also must present a valid form of government-issued photo identification (i.e. drivers license).

If your pet is currently at one of our facilities, you will need to pay impound and other fees before he or she can be released to you. Redemption fees vary based on the type of animal, the number of times the animal has been redeemed (dogs), the amount of time your animal has been in our facility, and whether any veterinary services have been provided. To find out what it will cost to release your pet, please contact the Animal Shelter where your pet is located.

You can register your missing animal with our lost pet registration service.

Click here for a service provided by pethabor.com to search for your lost your dog
Click here for a service provided by pethabor.com to search for your cat
Click here for a service provided by pethabor.com to search for other pets

You will be emailed automatically when an animal matching the description you provide is registered as FOUND or shows up at one the Los Angeles Animal Services Center. Emails are sent once per day and registration is valid for 30 days.

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