Did you know?

1 in 3 family pets will get lost

6 out of 10 microchips are registered

Microchipped dogs are more likely to be returned to their owners.

Microchipped cats are 20 times as likely to be returned to their owners.

When a microchipped pet isn't returned home, it's usually due to incorrect or missing owner info in the microchip registry

In 2023, LA Animal Services reunited 3,246 pets with their families

Microchips don't replace a tag and collar, but they can make all the difference when it comes to getting your pet back home to you.

The cost to microchip your pet is $15.00 but thanks to our friends from Petco Love and to ensure lost pets are reunited with their families, LA Animal Services will be providing free microchips for furry friends who need to get microchipped from June 22 through July 3, 2024!

A microchip, the size of a grain of rice, is injected under the animal’s skin between the shoulder blades. Each chip has a unique number that is registered with a national database along with the pet owner’s address and phone number. The microchip can be read by scanners that are currently used by most animal organizations and veterinary clinics. Microchips keep people and pets together!

Despite your best efforts, your dog or cat may slip out an open door or gate and disappear. We recommend a collar and identification tag, but know that they often fall off. If you microchip your pet too, the odds are much better that you’ll get your best friend back!

All animals admitted to an L.A. Animal Services Shelter are scanned for a microchip. If a microchip is found, a nine digit number will appear and we will contact the microchip manufacturer. After a quick search of the pet database, the animal’s guardian can be contacted.


All cats, dogs, and rabbits adopted from an L.A. Animal Services will have a microchip. The cost of microchipping is included in the adoption fee.

If you move, it is very important to change your address with the microchip company in case your pet gets lost.

Visit any of our six LA Animal Services shelters to have your companion animal microchipped.

Thank you to our lifesaving partners who help us care for #LACityPets