Do You:

  • Love and enjoy working with animals?
  • Like meeting people?
  • Enjoy helping people with family planning (adding a pet to the family tree)?
  • Want to stop animal abuse, cruelty and neglect?
  • Believe in community outreach to stop pet overpopulation?
  • Support pet adoption, and spaying & neutering?
  • Are a team player, friendly, outgoing and responsible?

We want you on our team! Apply today! View our open positions below and visit City of Los Angeles Personnel Department to apply.

For information on other positions within the City of Los Angeles, please visit the the City’s Personnel Department Website.

Animal Control Officer

ANNUAL SALARY: $46,374 to $67,818 and $49,005 to $71,618

POSITION SUMMARY: An Animal Control Officer enforces State and City ordinances dealing with the care, treatment, licensing, and impounding of animals in an assigned area of the City; picks up sick, injured, stray, vicious or unwanted animals; conducts humane investigations; conducts permit inspections, issues citations, and makes arrests; may be required to handle money accurately and collect animal licensing and other fees; and keeps records and prepares reports which may be used as legal evidence.

Please CLICK HERE for more information and how to apply.

Information on other positions within the City of Los Angeles is available at the
City’s Personnel Department Website.

Reserve Animal Control Officer

RACO information flyer

Are you interested in trying something different? The RACO Program welcomes volunteers to become Reserve Animal Control Officers serving in the same capacity as our Animal Control Officers.

  • The program requires a commitment of 16 hours of volunteer service each month at any one of our six Animal Shelters for 3 months prior to the first class.
  • Applicants must be a minimum of 21 years of age, a high school graduate or equivalent, and must have a current driver’s license.
  • A background check, drug and alcohol screening will be performed as a part of the process.
  • Prospective candidates should also be prepared for a physical requirement check.
  • RACOs must be able to lift at least 70 pounds and sometimes in excess of 70 pounds.

Please complete a regular City Application ( and mail it to: RACO Program, LA Animal Services, 200 N. Spring St., Room 1805, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Animal License Canvasser (Part-Time)

Hourly Rate: $15.14

POSITION SUMMARY: Canvasses residence and businesses enforcing animal license ordinances; verifies rabies vaccinations; verifies sterilization records to determine appropriate license fee; collects payment for licenses and issues receipts; maintains records and prepares reports, which could be used in court as legal evidence; disseminates public education materials to City residents; observes and reports suspicious activities involving animal related concerns, such as inhumane treatment, animal fighting, breeding activities, exotic animals, etc., to the appropriate section of the Department; other duties as required.

Please CLICK HERE for more information and how to apply.

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