Departmental Air Rescue Team (D.A.R.T.)

The Departmental Air Rescue Team (D.A.R.T.) is comprised of L.A. Animal Control Officers trained for emergency rescue operations using helicopters and special equipment.  The D.A.R.T is also trained to deal with equestrian emergencies and rescues.  They are on call 24-hours a day, 7-days-a-week for rescue operations and are frequently used by both Fire and Police Departments statewide to conduct animal rescue operations.  The D.A.R.T. can be reached by calling 1-888-452-7381.

The D.A.R.T team members are Captain Karen Knipscheer Cox, Captain Jan Selder, Officer Hugh Briefman, Officer Eric Gardner, Officer William Tranzow, Officer Verna Riparip, Officer Susan Greenberg, Officer Susan Botta and Officer Stacey Dancy.

D.A.R.T. IS “BLUE’S” HERO – A Sample Case of the Life Saving Work of D.A.R.T.The call for help came to L.A. Animal Services’ Departmental Air Rescue Team (D.A.R.T.) at approximately 2:30 in the afternoon on May 28th, 2003 – a brown Australian-Shepherd- Mix dog had fallen down a steep hillside at Nichols Canyon Place. The dog was lying down in brush and did not appear to be able to stand.Two Officers rappelled down the 150- foot sandstone and brush ravine to assess the dog’s condition and to prepare the scene for rescue. “Blue” appeared stable but did not want to get up and walk.  One of the Officers climbed back up the hill to give the Registered Veterinary Technician a “crash course” on rappelling.  Once at the bottom, the RVT determined that “Blue” was stable enough for transfer and did not require any immediate medical attention on scene.  All three men worked to quickly and gently transfer and secure “Blue” onto the stretcher.  Once at the top “Blue” was immediately transported to his private veterinarian.The happy ending is that “Blue” suffered no injuries from his fall other than dehydration.

If you have further questions, please contact the D.A.R.T. Team at
or call (323) 224-3548

A horse fell into a wash in the City of Glendale. D.A.R.T. was called by the County of Los Angeles Fire Department.  After analyzing the situation, the Anderson Sling was used to rescue the horse.
D.A.R.T. team members caring for horse after the rescue.

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