Adopt an Older Companion

There are many advantages to adopting mature animals. You already know what they are going to look like and what size they will be, and you will know their personalities sooner, rather than waiting through those sometimes very trying development stages to find out who they will become. Mature animals are more poised, and in many ways that makes them easier to train.

Many people tell us that a dog or cat who is four years and older are already house trained and they seem to adjust to their new homes very quickly!

If you have small children in the home, a mature pet makes a lot of sense, too. Puppies require a lot of attention and training. Select an adult dog who likes kids and the transition will be much easier than adding another “baby” to the family. Adult cats can jump up on a bookcase or table when kids are being kids and observe the action from above.

Consider your lifestyle. Are you at home most of the day? Do you work and are your kids at school? If nobody is home much of the day, consider adopting two older dogs or two older cats. Animals are social beings and they’ll appreciate having daytime company while you’re away.

Too often amazing adult dogs and cats are overlooked in shelters by families thinking they want a puppy or a kitten. We hope you will meet some of our wonderful mature dogs and cats and consider them when you make your selection. We have so many dogs and cats coming into the Los Angeles City Shelters every year that we can’t give every animal as long as he or she deserves for us to find them a home of their own. Take one or two home today. You’ll be making a life-saving difference.

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