Home To Home™

Home To Home™

About the Program

LAanimalservices.home-home.org will give City of Los Angeles residents who can no longer keep their pets the opportunity to find new, loving homes without having to surrender them to the shelter. Pets can go from one home right into another, which means less stress for animals and humans alike. In addition, this offers potential new owners the opportunity to communicate directly with the current owners, providing firsthand information about the animals.

Animals in need of new homes are searchable on this website and posted to our L.A. Animal Services Home To Home™ Facebook page.

What are the benefits?
  • Reduces stress on animals by keeping them out of the shelter.
  • Leaves more shelter resources available to animals with no other options- stray, abandoned, or suffering from neglect.
  • Gives potential new owners a chance to learn more about the animals directly from the current owner.

Our participation in Home To Home™ is due to the generous support from a Maddie’s Fund Grant, #ThankstoMaddie. Our share of the Maddie’s Fund Grant covers the cost of our own Home To Home™  branded website, LAanimalservices.home-home.org, and a year of web hosting.

Home To Home™ is a national program that is used among shelters and rescues across the United States.  To visit the Home To Home™ network’s master page go to home-home.org.

  • Who is this Program For?
    This program is for City of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills residents that are in need of rehoming their pet, but do not wish to bring their pet to one of our Animal Services Centers.
  • How do I sign up?
    Visit LAanimalservices.home-home.org and click “REHOME YOUR PET” in the top right to begin filling out your information, and to submit photos and details for your pet!
  • I’m interested in adopting a pet through Home To Home™, where can I view available pets in need of rehoming?
    You can view available pets at laanimalservices.home-home.org/findapet/
  • I was able to rehome my pet, what’s next?
    Please make sure to send us a removal request by clicking “REMOVAL REQUEST” here, or on our Home To Home™ website.

Thank you to our lifesaving partners who help us care for #LACityPets