Just One More Dog

Each day now, JUST ONE MORE DOG stays in the shelter than leaves it. An average of 47 dogs enter the shelters each day, and 46 leave. If just 3 additional dogs left the shelters each day, LA Animal Services would get down to within its built capacity in under 9 months. LA Animal Services could reach the same result if just three more people bringing animals to the shelter were willing to work with us to reunite the animals with their owners or find direct placements so the animals did not enter the system at all.  


Help make PERMENANT space in our shelters by adopting today, especially one of our larger canine residents.

View adoptable dogs here.

If you can't adopt but have time to spare for a short-term commitment, fostering can help provide the shelter space, and give a pet a home enviornment to thrive in.

Learn about fostering here.

If you found a lost pet, and want to help them find their owner, Shelter-at-Home enables you to do so without them staying in the shelter.

Learn more here.

Other Ways to Help

LA Animal Services has alternative solutions to help keep pets and families together.

Events may take place in which you can no longer care for your pet, ranging from financial hardship or a change in your living situation.

Before surrendering your pet to a shelter, please consider the following options that may help to keep you and your furry family member together, and help to ensure life-saving space is available for injured or sick animals who are brought into our Centers.

Home to Home - Pet rehoming service for LA City Residents.

Additional information, and partner organizations may be found here.


Free Spay & Neuter Certificates and Discount Coupons available for LA City residents.

Get your free or low-cost vouchers

Volunteers in the shelter spend time with our animals to help them feel safe and significantly reduce their fear, anxiety, and stress. They also help shelter visitors meet their new furry friend. Sign up today to become a volunteer at laanimalservices.com/about-volunteering.

If you found a lost animal in your community, here are some things you can do to give them the best chance for a happy reunion with their family.

Register the found pet on Petco Love Lost

Go to Petco Love Lost the free searchable national database that uses patented image recognition technology and register the found pet.  

Utilize social media 

Report the found pet on Pawboost or upload a photo and description on social media platforms that focus on your neighborhood like LA City Lost and Found Pets and Nextdoor.com.

If you cannot care for the lost pet
Please bring the pet to the shelter closest to where you found them click here to open our shelter locator tool.

Find other resources we provide, and other ways you can help LA Animal Services at laanimalservices.com/resourcesandhowtohelp

Infographic on Adopt vs Shop Updated

Dog Occupancy Meter

Thank you to our lifesaving partners who help us care for #LACityPets