February is Responsible Pet Owner Month

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February is Responsible Pet Owner Month

Los Angeles, February 14, 2022 – February is Responsible Pet Owners Month and LA Animal Services wants to remind pet owners and animal-loving Angelenos about important pet laws in the City. In addition to giving pets love and attention, they rely on us to care for them, and help keep them safe. Part of keeping our furry friends safe is by following City and State pet laws that were created to protect you, your pet, and your community.

By following the below pet laws under the City of Los Angeles Municipal Code (“LAMC”) you can be responsible, protect your pet, and avoid possible fines.

License your dog (LAMC 53.28)

Dogs are required to be licensed after the age of four months. To obtain a license, dog owners must show proof of spay/neuter and rabies vaccination. The cost for an annual license is $20 per year/per dog. There are a few exemptions for dogs that are not spayed or neutered, but the fees jump from $20 to $100 and can rise to $335 with a breeding permit.
You can license your pet online at anionlinelicense.lacity.org. To get an intact dog license, you can go to your nearest City shelter and provide proof of the exemption and microchip information. To learn more about the exemptions, visit laanimalservices.com.

Spay or Neuter your pet (LAMC 53.15.2)
Dogs and cats are required to be spayed or neutered after the age of four months, with some exemptions allowed. Free and low-cost spay and neuter vouchers are available and may be downloaded at laspayneuter.com.

Not only can you prevent unwanted litters, you are also preventing serious and sometimes fatal medical conditions such as pyometra, a serious infection in female dogs or testicular cancer in male dogs.

Obey the Leash Law (LAMC 53.06.2)
Dogs must be on leash unless they are in your fenced yard or at a dog park that allows off leash exercise.
Do not tether your dog (LAMC 53.70D)

Tying up your dog to any stationary object for more than three hours in a 24 hour period or denying them proper food, water, and shelter for long periods of time is against the law and can be harmful to your furry friend’s life.

Clean up after your pet (LAMC 53.49)
Dog owners are required to clean up after their dogs when taking them out in public. Don’t forget the poop bags when you leave your house for a walk.

View the pet laws in the City of LA by clicking on our downloadable flyer, which you can also print out and share!

PDF of Pet Laws (English and Spanish)

For more information about LA Animal Services and how to keep pets safe, visit us at  laanimalservices.com.
Center Operating Hours
Our six LA Animal Services locations are operating without appointments every Saturday and Sunday, from 11am to 5pm. We will continue to operate by appointment during the week, Tuesday through Friday, for pet adoptions, fostering, and owner surrender, with Centers closed on Mondays. Sick or injured animals will be admitted without an appointment. Appointments may be scheduled by going online or by calling 1-888-452-7381.

To follow COVID-19 safety protocols, social distancing will be observed and face coverings will be required when in our Centers.
Per City Ordinance 187219, you will need to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of entry into the shelter. You can request a digital COVID-19 Vaccination Record if you were vaccinated in California (unless you were vaccinated at a federal facility) by visiting MyVaccineRecord.cdph.ca.gov. For any questions regarding vaccination records, visit the LA County Vaccine Records website.

For more information about LA Animal Services, visit: laanimalservices.com.

Thank you to our lifesaving partners who help us care for #LACityPets