LA Animal Services Makes Urgent Call To Help Save Lives

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LA Animal Services Makes Urgent Call To Help Save Lives

LOS ANGELES –  LA Animal Services shelters have been in crisis for more than two years and are working urgently to bring the department back on track. The crisis has put staff, volunteers and animals in harm’s way. Even as the department succeeds in adopting out dozens of animals each day, more animals flow into the shelter than leave each day, resulting in a growing population of animals, and especially of large dogs.  

LA Animal Services has the capacity to safely and humanely care for approximately 800 lost and abandoned dogs at any one time. However, there are more than 1,500 dogs in its care and an average of nearly 50 more dogs enter the shelters everyday.

The shelters do not have the space and resources to properly care for this many animals. The department is asking the community to bring these pets home today. It is the only measure that can be taken in the short term to save animals and avoid euthanasia of animals who, through no fault of their own, are now suffering physically and mentally from either their excessively long shelter stays or the challenging conditions resulting from overcrowding in the city’s shelters. 

"LA Animal Services is highlighting opportunities to make it easier for people to get involved as we continue our crucial mission," said General Manager, Staycee Dains. “The crisis has put staff, volunteers and animals in harm’s way and we will continue to prioritize making this system safer for all involved.”

The following are upcoming events in June for animal lovers to get involved to save lives:

California’s Adopt-a-Pet Day: LA Animal Services is participating in California’s Adopt-a-Pet Day, an adoption event organized by the ASPCA, CalAnimals, and SFSPCA, three leading animal welfare organizations, to raise awareness and make pet adoptions affordable and accessible. Adopt a dog or cat from any LA Animal Services shelter to participate. Adoption fees are sponsored for dogs and cats only. Rabbits are not included. Get involved here.

Big Dog Walk for Life: On June 22nd, LA Animal Services is hosting its first Big Dog Walk for Life where the LA Animal Services goal is to walk every dog in our care available for adoption. Registration is required. Sign up today here.

The following 5 things animal lovers can do every day to get involved to save lives:

1Foster - either virtually or in real life!

  • Found a pet? Skip the shelter altogether and participate in our Shelter at Home program. Keep dogs and cats you find for a few days and try to find the owner before bringing them to a shelter.
  • Found orphaned kittens? Foster kittens that you find, first before removing kittens and taking them to a shelter. 
  • Virtually foster a pet. Simply share the pet’s story frequently on social media and in your other social spaces until that pet is adopted, then foster another, and another, and another…

2. Adopt a shelter pet - do not purchase animals from breeders or animals that rescues did not take from animal shelters: “Do not breed or buy while shelter animals die.”

3. Volunteer - come exercise, train, and socialize animals.

4. Spay/neuter your pet and stray cats in your community - we have vouchers that cover some or all of these costs, and instructions and assistance on trap/neuter/return for stray cats.

5. Donate to our spay/neuter fund so we can help stop the overpopulation crisis.

LA Animal Services is doing the following to save lives:

  • EASIER VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP AND ONBOARDING: Volunteer process has been revamped and is now simple and easy to volunteer, including accepting one-time/one-day volunteers
  • VIRTUAL FOSTER PROGRAM: Virtual foster program that encourages people to highlight a dog on social media and in their workplace until the pet is adopted
  • BREEDING PERMIT MORATORIUM: The City Council unanimously voted to implement a moratorium on breeding beginning May 27th. The department is assembling a task force to begin a significant enforcement response to illegal breeding and illegal animal sales.
  • INTAKE LIAISONS: The department is identifying Intake Liaisons among the current staff and volunteers to help community members find alternatives to surrendering animals to the shelter.
  • REDUCING FINANCIAL BARRIERS: Financial barriers to pet acquisition are often reduced or removed (low adoption fees, sponsored adoption fees, and subsidized reclaim fees to help people afford pet ownership)
  • MOBILE ADOPTIONS: Offsite adoption events to encourage adoption from the shelter
  • COMMUNITY EVENTS: LA Animal Services has increased its presence at community events to educate the community about foster, adoption, spay/neuter, and volunteering

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Thank you to our lifesaving partners who help us care for #LACityPets