Press Release 2007

Cracking Down on Turtle Trade

Dog Walking Program

Los Angeles Animal Services Declares a NO-KILL Weekend For All Los Angeles

12-19-07 Operation Santa Paws Comes to LA Animal Services

12-17-07 Holiday Safety Tips

12-17-07 Found Animal Foundation Plays Santa Claus to New Hope Rescue Groups

12-11-07 The Humane Society of the United States Uncovers Deception at Beverly Hills-Area companion animal Store to the Stars

11-20-07 ACTF Finds Help for Animals & Alleged Hoarder

10-22-07 Alert Regarding Fires around LA City

10-15-07 Halloween Safety Tips

10-11-07 ACTF Arrests Suspect for Animal Neglect

10-09-07 Renewing Fido’s License Just Got Easier

10-02-07 Dog Saved From Drowning LA Animal Cruelty Task Force Investigating

10-02-07 LA Animal Services Project Wins Architectural Merit Award

9-21-07 Be Aware This is Rut Season for Deer

9-19-07 Border Puppy Task Force Evaluates Puppies at Border Crossings

9-10-07 NASCAR Driver Brett Thompson to promote companion animal Adoption at The Bow Wow Meow

9-10-07 Beware of Bats

8-23-07 LA Animal Services Announces New Life-Saving Partnership

8-22-07 LAAS Number One Public Adoption Agency

8-02-07 Dog Dies Despite Rescue Efforts

8-02-07 Call For Help Saves 108 Animals in Distress

7-20-07 LA Animal Services Announces Pit Bull Training Academy for City’s Underdogs

7-16-07 LA Animal Services Plans to Launch Best Buddies Program

7-16-07 LA Animal Services Announces Three Milestones on the Road to No-Kill

6-29-07 Reminder: Keep Your companion animals Safe 4th of July

6-25-07 Cock Fighting Bust in Sylmar

6-22-07 Calling All Angels

6-21-07 Cat-Tastrophe Policy Change Clarification

6-20-07 Keep Your companion animals Safe This 4th of July

6-14-07 Cat-Tastrophe Forces Policy Change

6-8-07 Effort to end dog euthanasia moves forward with Walk for the Underdog

6-7-07 LA in midst of CAT-TASTROPHE

6-5-07 Call Leads to Help for Woman and Animals

6-1-07 LA Animal Services Issues Wildlife Reminder

5-29-07 Downtown Dog Rescue’s West Coast Dog Event a Howling Success!

5-29-07 City Seeks to Bring Peace to Some guardians of Lost companion animals

5-15-07 LA Animal Services Says: “We’re Moving and We Hate to Pack!”

5-10-07 ACTF Press Conference Results in Counts Surrendering Quietly

5-9-07 LA Animal Services Alerts Residents of Wildlife Displacement

5-3-07 LA Animal Services Announces Be Kind To Animals Adoptathon

5-2-07 Animal Cruelty Reward Fund Establish by Councilmember Cardenas

4-17-07 Los Angeles City Council Approves California Healthy companion animals Act Resolution

4-04-07 Bottle Baby Program

3-29-07 Easter Rabbits Are Not For Kids!

3-22-07 Pit Bulls Strut Their Stuff

3-16-07 13-year-old Boy Charged with Felony Dog Fighting

2-27-07 Boxers Rescued by LA Animal Services

2-22-07 Cat Hoarder Busted for Cruelty

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