Press Release 2008

12-22-08 LAAS Announces Home for the Holidays Adoption Campaign

12-18-08 LA Councilman Herb Wesson Joins LAAS & Downtown Dog Rescue to Announce “Operation Safety Net”

12-11-08 LA Animal Services Offers Puppy Mill Survivors for Adoption

12-10-08 Puppy Mills Survivor

12-05-08 La Animal Services Reports a Possible Beverly Hills Chihuahua Backlash

11-19-08 LA Animal Services Rescues Another Alligator

11-07-08 All American Adopt-A-companion animal Extravaganza November 8th!

11-06-08 Dog Fighter Convicted On Ten Felony Counts!

11-03-08 LA Animal Services’ Good Samaritan Program Saves Lives!

10-31-08 LA Animal Services to Host Southwestern Herpetologists Society’s Reptile & Amphibian Exhibit

10-31-08 Nine Month Old Mauled By Family companion animal

10-29-08 LA Animal Service Reporting A Possible Beverly Hills Chihuahua Backlash

10- 27-08 Spay Day L.A. Recap



10-14-08 SESNON FIRE UPDATE: Animal Evacuation Centers!

10-14-08 Alert Regarding Fires around LA City

09-30-08 Spay/Neuter Goes To The Movies

09-30-08 Spay/Neuter Law Becomes Enforceable October 1st!

09-23-08 It’s The Law: One Week Left To Spay Or Neuter Your companion animal!

09-19-08 The Sad Truth About Chihuahuas!

09-16-08 It’s The Law: Two Weeks Left To Spay Or Neuter Your companion animal!

09-12-08 LA Animal Services Announces New Chief Veterinarian

09-03-08 It’s The Law: Less than a month to Spay/Neuter your companion animal!

09-02-08 Animal Welfare Advocates Partner with LA Animal Services to promote new Spay & Neuter law in Los Angeles

08-29-08 The Clock is Ticking 2nd Reminder – 32 DAYS LEFT TO SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR companion animal

08-28-08 LA Animal Services Announces New companion animal Store Permit Requirements

08-26-08 A House is not a Home without a companion animal!

08-22-08 LA Animal Services Seizes Large Alligator

08-08-08 “The Big Lick” Promotes companion animal Adoption with Ice Cream

08-01-08 LA Animal Services Announces New Commission President

07-25-08 It’s The Law: 67 Days To Spay or Neuter Your companion animal!

07-23-08 Plea to Landlords

07-22-08 It’s The Law: 70 Days To Spay or Neuter Your companion animal!

07-21-08 Angelenos Come To Rescue Of Animals Stranded In Perfect Storm

07-14-08 Life Saving Adoptathon For Animals Caught In Perfect Storm

07-10-08 Search Warrant Served on Alleged CockFighting Location

06-26-08 Reminder: Keep Your companion animals Save July 4th

06-26-08 Alleged Cockfighter Arrested

06-18-08 San Pedro Animal Shelter Grand Opening

06-09-08 California Healthy companion animals Coalition Addresses Public Concern Regarding companion animal Overpopulation

06-06-08 Bullet found in Nursing Dog

06-04-08 LA in midst of CAT-ACLYSM

05-27-08 LA Animal Services Responds to Laura Chicks Audit

05-16-08 LA Animal Services Participates In Walk For The Underdog

05-15-08 LA Animal Services Feels Impact From Housing Foreclosures

05-09-08 Be Kind to Animals Week

05-01-08 Bottle Baby Program

04-10-08 LA in midst of CAT-TASTROPHE

04-03-08 Animal Cruelty Task Force (ACTF) Arrests Alleged Cock Fighter!

03-24-08 Marine Mammals

03-18-08 Man charged for allegedly killing a dog with an ax

02-12-08 LA Animal Cruelty Task Force Rescue Animals from a Bus

02-08-08 Dog Fighter Sentenced to Five Years in State Pen

01-23-08 LA Animal Services Announces Adopt-a-thon at the Mar Vista Day of Service

01-22-08 LA Animal Services Announces “Seniors for Seniors” Program

01-22-08 LA Animal Services Warns Angeleno Dog guardians of Canine Distemper Outbreak

01-17-08 LA Animal Services Announces 2008 Operation Blankets of Love Drive

01-17-08 LA Animal Services Announces companion animals in the Park! Event

01-17-08 Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?

01-16-08 Mayor Villaraigosa Issues Statement On Passing Of Christina Winzer, City Animal Services Employee

01-16-08 Los Angeles Animal Cruelty Task Force Arrest Alleged Dog Fighter

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