LA Animal Services Pet Safety Tips for June, 2020


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LA Animal Services Pet Safety Tips for June, 2020


Los Angeles, June 2, 2020 —LA Animal Services would like to remind pet owners of the following safety tips to keep in mind during COVID-19; as we prepare for the warm summer season; and how to keep you and your animal companions safe at home:

COVID-19 Pet Safety Tips

  • Wear a face mask and avoid large crowds when taking your pet out for a walk. By reducing contact with large groups of people, you keep your pet and yourself safe.
  • Remember to practice social distancing! Keep a six foot minimum distance between you and other dog walkers, same goes for your dog!
Hot Weather Pet Safety Tips
  • Never leave your pet alone inside a vehicle. A car can overheat even when the window has been opened slightly. Even if the temperature isn’t too hot outside, your car can get up to 20 degrees warmer. Always check to make sure that dogs are welcome where you are going, otherwise leave them at home.
  • Give your pet extra water. Always make sure that your dog or cat has plenty of fresh water to drink. If your dog enjoys ice cubes as a treat, add them to the bowl!
  • Avoid hot ground surfaces. While walking your dog outdoors, pay particular attention to the pavement, sidewalks, or sand. Check the temperature with your hand. If it’s too hot to touch, then it’s too hot for your dog’s paws.
  • Don’t leave your pet outdoors for a long time. If your dog has to be left outdoors for a while, make sure they have plenty of access to shade such as trees, a covered patio, or cool spot under the porch. Apply a pet specific or hypoallergenic sunscreen on sensitive areas like the nose, tips of ears and belly especially if they have light or thin fur.
  • Know the signs of overheating. If your dog or cat begins very rapid, noisy breathing, has trouble swallowing, and starts to look very distressed, they could be having a heatstroke. Get the animal out of the heat. Apply cold, wet towels to the back of the head. Place cold packs wrapped in towels or plain wet towels between the back legs and on the belly. Cool off your pet and take them to the veterinarian immediately.

Hot Weather Rabbit Safety Tips

  • Keep your rabbit cool on days that reach or exceed  80º F. Keeping them indoors with air conditioning on, and also place frozen bottles of water in their hutch that will help them cool off. Make sure to keep their regular water easily accessible. 

  • Put a ceramic tile or marble slab in the corner of your rabbit’s living area. The tile will provide a cool spot for your bunny to lie on, and you can cool the tile off in your fridge or freezer to make it even cooler.

  • To treat an overheated bunny, wipe cool water on their ears and wrap their head in a cool wet towel before taking them to your veterinarian.
Loud Noises in Your Neighborhood and How to Keep Pets Safe
The best way to keep your pets safe is to make sure they stay indoors and in an enclosed room, if possible. If you do allow your pet outside to go to the bathroom, be sure that your gates or fence are secure or that your pet stays on a leash. Loud noises from fireworks can be very intimidating and may cause a scared dog to find the smallest opening in a fence and escape.
If for any reason your pet escapes or becomes lost, a collar with a current license and/or ID tag on them and a microchip that is registered with your contact information, will help reunite you with your animal companion.
When your pet becomes lost, there are many resources to help you in your search to find your furry friend:

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